12th ENOHE Annual Conference

30 Years of Solitude? University Ombudsmen`s Pioneering Past, Confident Present, Challenging Future
Innsbruck 28-30 May 2015

co-organized by the Austrian Student Ombudsman, the European Ombudsman Institute and the European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education


Conference Theme:

“30 Years of Solitude? European University Ombudsmen‘s Pioneering Past, Confident Present, Challenging Future”

Spain was the very first European country back in the mid 1980s to get an ombudsman. The first ombudsman in Mexico was inaugurated in 1985.

During the last 30 years, many variants of this kind followed at higher education institutions in several other countries. They emerged in a more or less self-organized way, were installed under the respective higher education institutions’ charters or even by legislation.

Over the decades, networks were established, first ACCUO in Canada, next UCOA/TOA/IOA in the United States, REDDU in Mexico, and most recently ENOHE in Europe. They support the professionalization of the job and the exchange of ideas and comparison of working concepts.

The ENOHE 2015 Conference has three separate strands:

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